Let's implement shown 8 posts in the main page, show full content first post only. Don't use "Split Post With More Tag" feature, that will break your html code.
    Login admin.php, You can Click "Control center", "Settings", "Blog Settings", "Number of items in the main page", enter 8 in the text box, then Click "Update" button. but shown 8 posts in the main page with full content is too busy.
    OK, how about show 1 post in the main page? good idea! but, shown 1 post in the category page and edit post page is not a good idea, lifetype don't understand this "show_posts_max" is not that "show_posts_max", this might a bug of lifetype. what can I do?
    This is my solution:
    in main.template:
    {foreach name=currPost from=$posts item=post}
    {if $showAll | 1 && $category}
       {include file="$blogtemplate/post.template"}
    {include file="$blogtemplate/footer.template"}   
    in post.template:
    {if $smarty.foreach.currPost.first}